Red Spark Learning CIC

As well as delivering courses leading to qualifications in English, Maths and IT, Red Spark has run a number of community learning projects. Working with a range of partners, we devise projects which respond to local interests and needs. Our aim is not only to boost the confidence and skills of the participants, but to benefit the community as a whole. The projects we have run so far include:

Community Cooking

Learn how to cook cheap and healthy meals, take photographs of what you make and create a book of your favourite recipes.

Walk This Way

Devise a walk round your neighbourhood, pointing out places of interest en route, and make a guide so others can try it.

Family Fun

Not enough for your kids to do? Learn how to run a Family Fun Day, and form a group to organise family-friendly activities.

IT Club

Learn how to use a computer, surf the internet and use social media, and organise drop-in sessions to help other local people and groups.

Local History

Investigate the history of a local landmark, building, school or industry and create a booklet or exhibition.

We have also run projects to help people set up a micro-business, make Moviemaker movies, start a community interest group, produce a magazine, run a créche and many others. We love to devise new projects, so if you have an idea please contact us.

Who takes part in our projects?

We work with a wide range of people, including:

We also work with community groups, charities, housing associations, schools, children's centres and a number of other organisations. Some of our projects are aimed at particular groups, such as carers or people with learning difficulties, while others are open to anyone with an interest in the topic. Our aim is to run projects and activities which are accessible to all sections of the community.

How are our projects run?

Our community learning projects are:

Projects can be organised in a number of different ways, depending on the needs and preference of the participants. As well as traditional weekly courses, we can run a project as a series of whole- or half-day workshops, as a whole-week course, or in whatever form suits the participants best. If required, we can also include an element of online learning. All our community learning projects are delivered free of charge

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