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Having fun, building confidence and skills.

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Course Inspiration

The subjects for BBO courses are inspired by our learners, so all these courses are in direct response to learner's requests.

If we have the expertise, resources and enough learners wanting to do a course then we will do our utmost to run it. If you are a BBO client and want to learn something new please let us know.

Current Courses


We have the cameras and the expertise. Starting from the beginning, learn how to set up the camera to get the best results. Learn how to make your subjects interesting with different angles and lighting using an understanding of composition.

Computers for the workplace 1

Gain a thorough knowledge of microsoft applications that are used in the work place.

Current Courses

Arts and Crafts

Our first course will concentrate on having fun together learning skills such as crochet, knitting and embroidery.These are skills that can be used to relax, together with friends or at home.


A great course for studying character's reactions and feelings, and gaining confidence.

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